What Types of Unicycles Are There?

There’s a lot of different styles of unicycles out there, and they all serve different purposes. Some are for fun, some for tricks, even some for transport. But how do you know which type is right for you? 


For your first unicycle, a standard learning one is the best way to go. They’re simple to ride and won’t set you back much. Depending on your age and size, you should get either a 16″, 20″ or 24″ wheel. Unicycle.com has a neat section for beginners to get an idea of what you should get. I rode a learner uni for several years myself before I upgraded to a Trials uni.

Learner Unicycle

Learner Unicycle – perfect for beginners


Trials unicycles are built to last. They’re designed so they can be hopped, spun, flipped, or whatever you want. Think of trials as the BMX version of unicycling. A good trials uni has a strong frame, comfortable seat (with a handle), thick tire and decent pedals. Definitely my favourite style of riding, and I recommend everyone gives it a shot.

Trials Unicycle

Trials Unicycle – the BMX of unicycling!


I’m sure you’ve all seen a giraffe unicycle before. They look something like this:

Giraffe Unicycle

Giraffe Unicycle – watch your head!

Awesome, right? They’re really fun to ride, but very scary at first. You can get them at all different heights, but the higher up you are, the further you have to fall! These fun unicycles should only be ridden after you are fully confident with a normal one. Other funny unicycles include:

Two Wheeler

Two Wheeler – it’s not a bicycle though!

Ultimate Wheel - where's the seat?!

Ultimate Wheel – where’s the seat?!

Three Wheeler – a triunicycle?


If you’re looking for a unicycle to ride long distance on, this is what you want. Commuting unis have huge wheels and small cranks. That way you travel further and faster with less energy! These aren’t great to learn on, but if you’re an accomplished rider I definitely recommend checking them out. They’re a heap of fun:

Commuting Unicycle - some models even have brakes

Commuting Unicycle – some models even have brakes


Mountain unicycling, or muni, is just that – mountain biking, but with one wheel. As I like to say, half the wheels, double the fun! Munis generally have large wheels, but not as big as the ones on the commuters. They also have thick, strong tyres, tough frames, and brakes for those tough slopes.

Mountain Unicycle - built tough

Mountain Unicycle – half the wheels, double the fun!

And that’s it. There’s more types, but most fit into these categories more or less. Any questions? Leave them in the comments!


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