Unicycle Comebacks and Jokes

If you’ve ever ridden a unicycle in a public place, you’ve probably had to face a range of jokes and questions about the fact that you only have one wheel. I’m here with a nice list of comebacks for you.

Where’s your other wheel?/You’re missing a wheel!

There was a half-off sale at the bike shop.

My dad bought a bike for me and my brother to share. We couldn’t decide who got to use it today.

(Look behind) It’ll be along in a minute.

(Turn around, surprised) Whoa! It was there a minute ago!

I lost it in the divorce.

I decided I didn’t need the training wheels anymore.

Think this is bad? Should’ve seen me before I got this wheel.

Where’s the challenge in that?

What?! I’ve only got one wheel?! (pretend to lose balance)

Real men/women only need one wheel.

(To cyclists) No, you’ve got one extra!

How do you ride that thing?

I ate a well-balanced breakfast this morning.

Like this! (keep riding)

Is that hard?

Only after I’ve sat on it for an hour.

IMPORTANT: Don’t be an a**hole. All these jokes are meant to be said light-heartedly — replying to “Someone stole half your bike!” with “Someone stole half your joke!” is rude, arrogant, and give unicyclists a bad name. BE NICE and HAVE FUN. 🙂

If you have any more, leave them in the comments!


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